1. Scar

From the recording Interzones

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Far to go
Far too long
For to stay
Build a road
Thru the door
Thru the floor
Broken in the lightest shade to fall upon
Broken thru the lightest touch to make a pine
On an own
On a bone
To alight
On a side
Core exposed
Fallen for the light of grain to let it glow
Fallen for the split that makes it whole, oh
Healing in the light of pain
Oh if I ever heal again
The break that would befall the night
On all sides
Fear the boy
Wounded in
An impale
To bear
Fear in truth
We’d avow
Open to the dark of lies, the pretty sin
Open to a drown in drops, a paper lid, oh
Healing all the way to shore
Over wide incremental tides
Healing in the ways that time opens wide
All the fair weather
All the rue
The man
In a blighted tree line
In a stand
Ashen all the while the face the boy would own
Grown thru phases, interchanges, interzones, oh
Riven all the way to night
Oh if a scar appears to rise
Driven in the ways allied
On a side