1. Chronologize

From the recording Interzones

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How the book got ripped
I’ll save it for a time
Movement to the ordered
Shelf upon which I

Fading bindings tell
Their own tale of a time
Pages torn out leave
Their matter mute in mind

All the words and colors in eye
All the wordless colors and I arrange
Feeling and mind
Are the only guides I’ll align
With a quiet god unallied inside

Now the room goes white
With moon rays and street light
How the books and records
Pattern I’ll divine

For a distance look
Into the mirror’s back
Books and records shimmer
In their wieldy stack

All the books and records in eye
All the feeling visualized and heard
Pieces arrayed in a pattern held in display
In a pattern I can’t relay to word

And it makes my time all the rounder
Inexpressible white in mind
Color fill my eye in an own way
Nothing touches my array