1. Dizzy

From the recording Interzones

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Dizzy for the wave
Cuts right up instead
Steady where eye meets eye
And opens wide

Down aboard the planks
Shorebirds all agleam
Oh if I could I would
Ennoble these Indignities
Erase the blindfolds
Over our eyes

Falling for the wave
Cuts right up the shore
In a zig zag patterning
That I walk on
To meet the sun
Light thru which we
Hold our stare

In the flat white of the painting In the jet black of your hair
In the fading reasonings leading
Up to our stand
In the opening up of our eyes
In the backlight and the glare
In the space between, our bodies hold
Just enough air

Flee for the wave
Breathe for the air
Look into my eyes
They reflect the skies
I look into your eyes
I can see the skies